Delivering Talent Insights

Use DeGarmo to identify, develop and retain top-tier talent.

what sets us apart

Talent Intelligence

DeGarmo’s innovative assessment platform can help organizations profile, hire, onboard, and develop the best talent. Our software provides talent analytics to help make data-driven decisions.

our model

Our Model

DeGarmo offers the flexibility to easily design different assessment workflows based on job requirements. From work style and culture fit, to work tolerance and skills assessment, DeGarmo delivers the content you need.

Key Findings

Key Findings

DeGarmo talent assessments help to reduce turnover, and increase performance, satisfaction and engagement among employees. Case studies and client feedback is clear, DeGarmo delivers valued results.

mobile phone

Mobile Friendly Technology

DeGarmo provides participants the flexibility to complete talent assessments on their schedule. With mobile-friendly technology, you can start reaching a bigger audience more efficiently.